World-Class vs. Middle Class Thinking

 The Difference is Winning 

 There are big differences between the thinking of ‘Middle-Class’ leaders & competitors – and – ‘World-Class’ leaders & competitors!   Middle class thinkers compete… World class thinkers create! 

Middle-Class avoids risk… World-Class manages risk.
Middle-Class loves to be comfortable… World-Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.

Middle-Class lives in delusion… World-Class lives in objective reality.
Middle-Class hungers for security… World-Class doesn’t believe security exists.

Middle-Class sacrifices growth for safety… World-Class sacrifices safety for growth.
Middle-Class focuses on having… World-Class focuses on being

Middle-Class has a lottery mentality… World-Class has an abundance mentality.
Middle-Class operates out of fear and scarcity… World-Class operates from love and abundance.

Middle-Class has pipe dreams… World-Class has vision
Middle-Class denies its intuition… World-Class embraces its intuition.

Middle-Class trades time for money… World-Class trades ideas for money.
Middle-Class is problem oriented… World-Class is solution oriented.

Middle-Class sees itself as a victim… World-Class sees itself as responsible.
Middle-Class thinks it knows enough… World-Class is eager to learn.

Middle-Class believes its vision only when it sees it… World-Class knows it will see its vision when it believes it.
Middle-Class is boastful… World-Class is humble.

Middle-Class speaks the language of fear… World-Class speaks the language of love.
Middle-Class seeks riches… World-Class seeks wealth.

Middle-Class believes problem-solving stems from knowledge… World-Class believes problem-solving stems from will.

Steve Siebold ~