ATJ Blog Post #11

This Blog concludes the third article in the 3-part Carmageddon series on the collapse of Australia’s auto industry and Innovation Pipelines… Plus, Insights into why John Shook sees Innovation as the New LEAN:  Plus, Latest details on the coming 2018 Canadian Lean Conference in June;  And… recent additions to the Resources List.


1.0  Articles: Carmageddon #3 of 3 (Final)

This is the 3rd of the three-part discussion about what we can learn from the Australian ‘Carmageddon’ which saw their entire automotive industry collapse last year on October 3. Gary Stewart was a senior manager in the midst of it, a and continues to share with us his experience. In this issue, Gary focuses on the innovation dilemma of the country in the wake of the crash of innovation pipelines that evolved over 54 years. Of interest to those looking for “lessons learned” Gary shares his view on what Australia should do now.

2.0  Articles: INNOVATION is the New LEAN

 The ability to compete and win in the global marketplace is forcing companies to overhaul their thinking and approach to innovation which is accelerating as a determiner of who wins and who doesn’t. John shook does what he does best as a natural teacher by making his case for his belief that lean thinking that got us to her we are today must now be dominated by innovation thinking to enable us to win tomorrow.

John Shook is now the Sr. Advisor & Executive Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Institute. He begins his discussion with insights into five lean principles will need to enable lean thinking to be transformed into “innovation thinking”

3.0 NEW Lean Learning Events

Details on Canada’s largest lean learning event of 2018.  The Canadian Lean Conference will be in the heart of the country and located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from June 4 to 7th 

4.0 Resources:  To Grow & Win With

Recent additions.