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Events:  For Practical People – Looking for Practical Learning

1. The 2017 AME LEAN Conference in Boston. October 9-13  

Website: http://ame.org/Boston

This is the World’s Largest Practitioner-to-Practitioner Lean/Continuous Conference.  Check out/download the Conference Brochure and watch:  https://youtu.be/30jswhg7CqQ  introducing the conference overviews.  AME conferences are uniquely organized for manufacturers, by manufacturers and draws some 2000 practitioners annually to learn & exchange thinking and solutions.  All Session Presenters are practitioners – not Consultants and will share with you what they did and what they learned.  You can talk with any who may have insights to help you.


All Workshop leaders are screened and endorsed by manufacturing practitioners to give you access to the best Consultants/Providers.  Tour sites are also screened and selected for what can be learned from them during the tour.  The Keynotes selected  from the world’s best contributors.  There is MUCH more to consider from the Conference Brochure above – and keep an eye on the website link above.

These are far from average conferences!  There is no selling – but rather a series of attendee-to-attendee conversations and learning experiences organized by manufacturing volunteers for practitioners – and delivered by practitioners.  Before you come, decide you current barriers; what you want to learn (be specific) – and what broad insights, perspectives, and knowledge you would like to  bring home and apply.   This years Conference in Boston, October 9-13 is the largest of its kind in the world with some 2000 practitioners attending from 30 nations including some of your colleagues and practitioners from across Canada.  All are there to Learn or to Present on the Program or to help with the organization, and to talk with you.

AME Annual International Conferences are no stranger to Canadians since 1998 – and continued every 5th year in Toronto until 2013.  It will be returning in 2020.  There is a warm history of alignment between AME  Canada and the CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters) which evolved from the early cross-country CME Consortium-based conferences in the 1990’s started by Brian McCready and Dave Hogg.  This further evolved into the joint June 2015 CME-AME Lean Regional Conference in Winnipeg.  The next Regional CME conference will be  in June 4-7th, 2018. – (Check out the data below.)  Since this year Mike Rother will be on the agenda of both.  Should you want to meet or hear Mike, check the program ~  http://ame.org/Boston) and for next year in June 4-7th at the CME Canadian LEAN Conference in Winnipeg http://embracingexcellence.ca)

2.  The ’18 Embracing Excellence’ CDN LEAN Conference: Winnipeg – June 4-7,

Largest Lean Event in Canada in 2018.  Website &  Conference Brochure: https://embracingexcellence.ca

Start thinking about Winnipeg in June next year – and what you might want to learn from 36 Practitioner Presentations, 15 Workshops from selected providers, 18 Tours to some of the best plants in Canada; and  7 Keynoters – including Mike Rother… with more to be announced.

Watch for more learning diversity to come in the months ahead such as the wealth of learning reported by practitioners who attended the 2015 AME/CME Canadian Regional Lean Conference in Winnipeg. Each Report-Out Board on the left, was prepared by a consortium consisting of many companies sharing what value they had achieved to make their companies more competitive and profitable.  If you have a major event coming up let us know.