About the ATJ Hogg-Blogg

This blog is evolving, thanks to the feedback we have received.  We will continue to share insights, improvements, contributions and exchanges of value now we are back on track.

The ATJ Hogg-Blogg shares practical value with folks who want to continuously improve by learning and sharing with each other in this very uncertain world.  We can never forget that it’s also a world full of opportunities AND challenging possibilities – to which we can add our native innovation.

We’ll try to make it easy for you to find endorsed sources of value;  shared details on events; and articles of value & practical examples.  Sound familiar from previous eLetters?

Well, it should: open exchanges guided by practical value, trust and respect… Just like the Consortium Movement that began prior to 1990.

Contact Information for the ATJ Hogg-Blogg

  • Domain:    acceleratingthejourney.blog
  • Editor:       Dave Hogg
  • Location:   160 Lakeshore Drive West, Ste 1002, Penticton, British Columbia V2A 9C2
  • Mobile:      519-572-0606
  • eMail:        dhogg@rogers.com

ATJ’s Continuing Vision:  To make a difference that matters.  This Blog is committed to the first principle of lean – which means the judge of its value will always be what our readers say it is!

ATJ Mission:  How will we behave on our way to our vision? We’re a volunteer operation that respects, supports, and seeks comments from all sources through an open, trust-and-integrity based process, that acknowledges all contributions while always seeking to increase value.

Humble Operations:  Many familiar with Blogs have suggested a familiar volunteer ‘Donor Button’ – that folks who received good value would use.  This has not been used yet but is under consideration. If we do go ahead with it,  this first time ever since circa 1990.  It is far more important that you stay on board for as long as you feel there is value here.  ‘Nuff said.

What can you can you expect?

We begin this Lean Blog gently – with each Blog having an ATJ reader-initiated theme.  Now, with its monthly format, it will consume less of your time.  However, bear in mind, since it goes out to nearly 2000 practitioners, you have the chance to relate with many peers who may want to:

  1. Raise questions to which others may have practical answers
  2. Share/Pass-on neat things you’ve found to work.  Who knows what nifty feedback you may get!
  3. Learn of events that truly are of practical learning value.   A great example?  This past year’s promotion of the cross-country Tours of World Class Plants by AME Canada that were well attended.
  4. The largest Lean practitioner-to-practitioner conference in the world comes to Boston this year with lots of Canadians and Australians attending.  Make a note: October 9-13th, 2017.  Check out the practical value of this conference by visiting:  ame.org/Boston for the big picture.   AND in 2018, the largest Lean Conference in Canada, is coming to Winnipeg June 4-7, in 2018… https://www.embracingexcellence.ca/ 
  5. Working toward adding more ‘Pop-Up’ events like last year’s cross-border spontaneous KATA Exchange with BC & Washington State.
  6. Share links you have found of value (but don’t feel badly if you do not get quick feedback as a lot of ‘grazers’ out there (like me) will gain from your link)
  7. Resources & Updates:  Let us know – “What are you reading?” – we will have “Good Reads” from time to time, and want to hear which books have excited you.