ATJ Blog Post #12

At a time of extreme curiosity and uncertainty about our competitiveness in the future, here is a very timely Post featuring an in-depth look at how to prepare for Gemba Walks that pay off and shared by a long time practitioner many of you will know.  The article is worth the read.

Articles: Make Gemba Walks Personal!
Gemba Walks are based on the belief that ‘you can’t fix what you can’t see’. This article features a long-time practitioner who contends that “If the focus of your Gemba Walks is on waste – your payoff is only 10% of what it could be”.

World-Class vs. Middle-Class Thinking Single comment

Articles: Leader Tools & Tips
Here are 8 solid and proven Leadership tools to look at. Especially if what you are doing has changed since you started.

Attitude is Everything Single brief essay/quote
One of those periodic reminders that refreshes and recharges a busy person.

Hi-Value Events Promo for coming Conference
Get ready for practical learning – how many conferences have you attended that are delivered by practitioners like yourself and not sales folks? Do you learn more?

Resources: To Grow & Win With (Have added a couple of books)