ATJ Blog Post #10

1.0  Articles:  Visioning with Strategic Intent

If you are uncertain about 2018, join the rest of us who are feeling some urgency to re-visit and re-energize the vision that will unite and align us.  Each year it has become a little more challenging to sharpen our total focus on our customers and the right Vision of True North/Future Desired State.  And it’s not letting up.  Have a look at the ‘Vision basics’ inside as a review.

2.0  Articles: Carmageddon 2 – Broken Innovation Pipelines

This is the second of three articles by Gary Stewart, who is sharing with us what he’s learned as a Toyota-savvy leader recovering from the massive collapse of all auto manufacturing in Australia as of October 3rd and the shattering of so many innovation pipelines for all businesses.

3.0  Resources: To Grow & Build With

There is practical & valuable data to be mined from the Davos World Economic Forum that just concluded.  Switzerland, Singapore and the USA held their positions of 1-2-3 again this year, out of the 138 nations rated.  Canada dropped to 15th from their 13th position, in a world where maintaining global competitiveness is an increasing concern.

4.0  NEW Lean Learning Events 

If you are planning to attend the 2018 Canadian Lean Conference in Winnipeg June 4-7, 2018 – If you act before January 31st – you can save 30%.  See the details, the brochure, and the savings inside.