ATJ Blog Post #9

ATJ Wishes everyone the best that 2018 can offer

Articles: Breathe Deep – 2018’s Here

There is much uncertainty, and even fear, about the year ahead.  There was also uncertainty and fear 10 years ago when the largest-ever recession hit in the midst of 2008. This Article shares some of the steps that worked a decade ago.  Some may help your company going forward into 2018.

Reprinted is a Lean Consortium Weekly Update summarizing experiences from manufacturers who had to cope in 2008.   Some 32-practitioners came together in December 2006 to form a team to organize the 2008 Annual AME International Conference for manufacturing Lean leaders and practitioners to draw some 2000 manufacturing attendees from over 30 nations.  (The recession was not anticipated)  They set an all-time attendance record.  This article shares some of the practical processes and thinking that worked throughout the recession – and many that can still work today and we move into uncertain times.

Articles: Inside Carmageddon-1

Gary Stewart will share with you the implications of the October 3rd death of all car manufacturing in Australia with the closure of Toyota, Ford, and GM plants.  This means a loss of 200,000 infrastructure jobs and more.  This collapse has broken the core Innovation Pipelines they have relied on for over 50 years.  This development has created commoditized Manufacturers instead which is destroying the country’s ability to deliver future high-value jobs and national prosperity.

Gary will be providing an ongoing insight of the developments which will be replicated in the future with little doubt.  By sharing his story over the next three issues you will be better able to appreciate the implications of losing Innovation Pipelines and gaining from some of Gary’s insights.  More to come

Articles:  Innovation-It’s in You to Find

This Article is fascinating because it illustrates that innovation can come from just about any coalition of factors and human thought.   This one is about how looking at the simple act of bathing – with some innovation and insight – and cut the use of water by 70% but still give you all the ‘wetness’ you need.

This one is interesting.