ATJ Blog Post #8

Articles: Thinking Beyond Lean Yet?

Gary Stewart, was a Senior Toyota Leader as GM of the Toyota Aisin plant in Melbourne.  With the collapse of the Australian auto industry, he is worried about the destruction of the Innovation Pipelines that took years to build and how re-building will proceed in the country.

Gary will “Go Deep” in the next ATJ Blog to discuss building of the kind of Innovation Pipelines he sees as critical in a post-Lean world.  Winning will mean Competing more via Innovation Vs. Competing via Efficiency (Lean).  We know we will need both, but what will the coming shift look like?

Articles:  Womack on Carmageddon

Jim Womack’s gives his powerful take on the October 3rd lean shut-down of Toyota Australia.  He focuses on the lessons to be learned going forward.  All auto making in the country has now been brought to an end.  There will be more of course in other companies but as Jim sees “The way [Toyota] is managing the transition – in the leanest way possible – holds great lessons for us all.” –

Articles:  Learning Consortia Work

A discussion on ‘how to extract true value from Lean learning Consortia’ led by Steve Denning, Contributor, Forbes Magazine,  who interviews HPM Consortium founder, David Hogg.  The HPM Consortium is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  It has been instrumental in founding Lean Learning Consortia across Canada, the US, and Australia.