ATJ Blog Post #7

Articles: Hockey Winners Think Lean

Lean can Build Champions anywhere – But what would it look like if used to produce a winning hockey team.  We will show you how it did when a Steelcase Lean Facilitator transferred his art to his community to make his Hockey team League Champions.  Hint:  If Lean works in Hockey it can work anywhere – right?

Articles: Engaged People Mitigate Risk

When dealing with huge machines and equipment – Risk Mitigation is a very real bottom-line concern.   Here’s how one company used the power of Employee Engagement to generate increased trust, respect, safety and savings.

Resources to Build and Grow With

Updated: Two references added.  One is very timely for our world and delivers an 8th Habit – It’s the one that delivers real power by “Finding your own voice and helping others find theirs”.   The other is pure basic wisdom most people lack…   if they only realized that…  “Almost everything one needs to know about Lean – they’ve already learned in first grade,”

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