ATJ Blog Post #5

 Next month we get to more ‘practical topics’.  This month’s Blog resulted from discussions around two ‘urgent & deeper issues’.

The need for ‘innovation by the masses’ (code for: everyone must innovate more) is exploding because of the diversity of current challenges forcing us on two fronts – and more.

The first is the uncertainty of how NAFTA will unfold and the nature of its playing field.  The second is different.  It’s the challenge of taking advantage of CETA (the emerging Comprehensive Economic &Trade Agreement).  How will manufacturers tap the ‘right’ opportunities to gain preferential access the 500,000,000 European customers in the 28 countries in this agreement.  Both issues will sure give our abilities to innovate a workout.

The ATJ Hogg-Blogg Post #5

Articles:  Building ‘Possibility Seekers’

Here’s a real-world example of how one company used People-Centric thinking that contributed to their profitability by increasing innovative contributions of just about everyone.

Articles: Vigorous Learning Organizations

Innovative thinking about how to compress our operational paradigms to do more with less is creeping into mainstream thinking.  The June 2015  issue of BBC News, emphasized that with the rest of the world desiring a standard of living equivalent to the average US citizen would require 4 earths to sustain it – other experts have said 5 earths.  We appreciate Robert (Doc) Hall’s poke to begin thinking about where to start thinking about ‘Compression’ as he talks about the Vigorous Learning Organizations that would be needed and what they might look like.

Resources To Build With:

Three ‘salt of the earth’, basic references have been added based on the feedback of practitioners

Learning Events:

Connections to the largest Lean hands-on conference in North America (Boston) this year and in Canada in 2018 in Winnipeg.

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