ATJ Blog Post #4

Make Things Better!

… It’s all about creating more value… by creating and delivering more value!  It’s also about evolutionary improvement that is done so well that everyone can be inspired to ‘Make Things Better’.

This uncertain & competitive world tends to reward companies whose processes have evolved to become respected as sustainable platforms that a company can trust and build upon.  Those we watched usually had disciplined ‘laser-like’ visions that ensured everyone valued a ‘Make-Things-Better’ way of thinking & doing things.  In this Blog, In Praise of Evolutionary Improvement”, gives thought to an emphasis on evolutionary improvement enriched by everyone’s contributions.

But with the process and technology ‘over-choice’ we live with, it is wise to have a discipline that deals with those ‘Shiny Objects-of-distraction’ that deflect value-adders from their ‘Job-One’ priorities… which would normally be their commitment to building a Make Things Better culture…  the very thing winners must have to build their competitive futures.

Lots of people make a good living helping others to Make Things Better.  Pause for a moment.  Imagine the benefit to your organization if such thinking came in-house and became everyone’s commitment every day of the week.  Check out Good Reads: The Lean Strategy (The missing link?) – the latest book from Dan Jones & colleagues.  According to Art Byrne, retired CEO of The Wiremold Company, he sees it as a rare book “co-authored by four of the best Lean thinkers”.  He sees it as “a must-read business book for senior executives“.  Want to guess the title of its first chapter?  It’s “Make Things Better”.


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