ATJ Blog Post #3

Improvement’s Next Big Thing?

The ATJ Hogg-Blogg #3 combines a GOOD READ summary of the NEW workbook by Mike Rother & Gerd Aulinger, Toyota KATA Culture – Building Organizational Capability and Mindset Through KATA Coaching. Plus, an article on:  Preparing to Lead in 2018 – Which is accompanied by a timely leadership Self-Assessment.  Plus more!

For us PDCA old timers – or those who have dabbled their toes in the exciting waters of Toyota KATA (TK) – we might just wonder… Could be the year to experiment with TK?  And, also to put to work, the Scientific Method it contains to building/improving products and services that could strengthen our competitiveness & exporting ability.

We make no apologies for this Blog’s emphasis on TK.  In fact, we believe that Mike and Gerd’s new workbook provides potent tools for installing a TK culture across any organization.  Implementers, such as Canada’s Cornwall-based SigmaPoint, have taken TK very seriously and now have the results which they shared with the world at last year’s KATACon3 (Check out on YouTube).  When Mike and I got wind of their achievement (That they implemented it themselves from Mike’s book Toyota KATA), we travelled to Cornwall Ontario to see their success.  It was a great day.  For more, check out our GOOD READ: Toyota KATA Culture.  (Big hint: check out Mike Rother’s personal website at  Take your time to, breathe, think, and follow.

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