ATJ Blog Post #2

 Hello everyone (again) – sincerely trust our glitches are behind us!  As many know, your editor now lives in a small community in the interior of British Columbia.  And, yes there is some cool manufacturing going on out here.  However, I could not resist beginning this issue with the traits of this magnificent bird of prey that we have now sighted 76 times – and counting.

Watching eagles hunt has been a true study in focus!  Judging from our future competitive business prospects – we too, could benefit from developing a Focus KATA that produces personal and corporate visions that equip each of us, and our companies, to compete & win.


There have been times an errant key stroke has caused a ‘syntax  error’ … But my humbling transition from my vision of how  eNewsletters work, turned out to be far different than how Blogs work.  While those helping this ‘first-timer’ to get his Blog on, did a great job with the syntax – it was not easy for them to detect the faulty mindset of a guy frozen in Newsletter mode.  So here I stand trying to get the ATJ Hogg-Blogg off on the right foot – with Tamora as my new coach.


Selected Articles

1. Feature Article: Practical Leadership Wins

By Ron Koslowsky, VP Manitoba CME.  A thoughtful and thorough article from a practitioner of Leadership achievement that extends from the shop floor to the community including industry, healthcare, and government. It’s timely for leaders at all levels and for Lean thinkers to see leadership as the KEY factor aligning everyone on the business objectives to be achieved – essential for changing existing thinking, visions and culture to better compete and win in the global marketplace. (And this article does deserve re-reading.)  Read More…

2. About the ATJ Hogg-Blogg

A brief introduction to the ATJ Hogg-Blogg and its Vision; its Mission; and how to contact the Blog and its editor. Read More…

3. The Work of Management

By Jim Lancaster, CEO Lantech. One company’s practical approach that is widely shared and recognized by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) and The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). Read More…

4. ATJ Sign-Up + Tips & Contributions

Sign up any number of staff to the Blog. Please ensure they agree to being added to the ATJ Hogg-Blogg (as always, this mailing list will never be sold). Read More…

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Farm Boy, Technologist, Engineer, Professor, Dept Mgr. OCAM CAD/CAM Centre. Began Lean HPM Consortium. Founded HPS with partner Bob Kerr to Develop Consortia in Canada, US & Australia. Awarded Queen's 75th Silver Jubilee Medal for Mfg. in Canada. Chaired 2008 AME Intl. Conference; Life Member AME & SME; AME Hall of Fame; McCulloch Lifetime Achievement Award. Dave & Bev live in Penticton.